Carlos Díaz Rodriguez

Carlos Díaz Domínguez was born in Madrid in 1959. Economist by profession, he began to write statements of trips, going on later to the narrative. 

His publishing career:

Los impares de Sagasta (The Sagasta's Odd Ones). Novel. 2006. Story of love & friendship set in Madrid in 1975.

Semíramis (Semiramis). Tale. 2006. Rewarded in the international Contest Camilo José Cela with second prize.

El alma del crepúsculo (Twilight's Soul). Tale. 2007. Rural story set in Andalucía.

Cámara! ¡acción! (Camera! Action!) Tale. 2007. How will filming a movie change the main character's life?

Los ascensores dormidos de La Habana (The Dormant Elevators of Havana). Novel. 2007. This novel is now on its 2nd edition. With €˜the dormant elevators of Havana', he enters squarely the novel of intrigue and suspense set in Cuba. It's considered as a reference novel in modern Cuban literature.

Franco morirá en Rodalquilar (Franco Will Die in Rodalquilar). Short novel. 2009. Thriller set in the southeast coast of Spain. Based on a true story, the visit of the Spanish head of State Francisco Franco to the inauguration of a gold mine, the author has recreated a fictional assassination.

La pasmosa herencia de José Belmonte (Jose Belmonte's Shocking Heritage). Short novel. 2010. Which could be the reasons for someone to give their worldly goods to a person nobody else knows? Is it possible that a posthumous desire had been made decades ago?

Tres colores en Carinhall (Three Colors at Carinhall). Novel. 2011. This has been the most ambitious novel written by the author and his longest one (600 pages). Carinhall was Hermann Göring's countryside residence, where he placed all the artworks he plundered during WWII. Three women, with different citizenships, will meet at Carinhall with very diverse purposes.

Lágrimas sobre Gibraltar (Tears in Gibraltar). Novel. 2012. In 1969, the United Nations agreed upon a resolution which encouraged the UK to leave Gibraltar. Anticipating a possible breach, Franco ordered the preparation of an armed invasion of the Rock. Isabel Vioque and Thomas Best are two spies that, while working for conflicted governments, will have to avoid war. This is their story.

- Un informe en Sevilla (Credentials in Sevilla). A man travels by train to a job interview with the Spanish Secret Service. What he does not know is the true identity of the passenger whom he is sitting next to ...

- En noches de luna llena (On full moon nights). A fantastical short story set in Andalusia during the Middle Ages.

- A las ocho en el Novelty (At eight o'clock at Novelty Cafe). Novel. 2014. An antiquarian from Salamanca living in San Juan de Luz (France) is dispatched to find Manuel Godoy's (a confidant of King Charles IV) treasure, which he had hid before his belongings were stolen during the "Mutiny of Aranjuez".

- Vagones en prosa. (Prose Wagons). A collection of 8 railway-related stories.

- Blanco Yhasmina. (White Yhasmina). A short story in which you will meet a man who when he was young, embarked on a trip to Jordan, where he meets a very special person.

- La menorah de Petra. (Petra's Menorah). Novel, 2016. 1967. A group of UNESCO-funded archaeologists travel to excavate in Jordan, in the city of Petra, when they find themselves facing an unexpected event, the Six-Day War.

- El humo cegó tus ojos (The smoke blinded your eyes). Short novel. 2017.  Mauricio Gómez is an employee who lives a pleasant life until the police tells him that his boss is perpetrating criminal activities and that only he can obtain decisive evidence against him.

- Entreacto en el Apolo (Intermission at the Apollo). Novel. 2018. World War I is stalled. Neither France nor Germany will allow Spain to remain neutral. What will they do to convince King Alfonso XIII to enter the conflict?

- El espejo incómodo (The awkward mirror). 2019. A small story of immigration in the province of Almeria at the present time.

- Diamantes de luz helada (Ice light diamonds) 2019. Novel. A trip through Almeria and through the Sahara... looking for the reason why the protagonist, old Elvira, thinks that everyone around her is deceiving her.

- Las violetas de Toulouse (The Toulousain violets) 2021. Novel. The Spanish Civil War ended five years ago but a large group of Spanish republican exiles plan an invasion of their home country from France, taking advantage of the appalling development of World War II for Hitler and Mussolini's fascism. Catalina, a republican nurse, and María Eulalia, a Francoist spy, will meet in Toulouse with very different intentions.

Carlos Díaz Domínguez has held numerous public events, where he shares ideas and impressions with his readers.

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